Mixing & Mastering

is the process by which multiple sounds are combined into one or more channels. In the process, a source's volume level, frequency content, dynamics, and panoramic position are manipulated or enhanced.

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So, is your production ready?

Well, it’s time to bounce your separated tracks and make them ready for the mix!

How to do that?

Bounce WAV/AIFF files (24bits/44.1kHz). 

Keep every process you have applied to your separated tracks ON but the master bus clean of any process.

Make sure the max peak of the summing is between -6/-3 dB with NO limiter on the master bus and there is no clipping.  

Once the bounce is done, drop all your files in a new project to listen to them and be sure that everything is correct. If everything is ok, name the files properly, compress them in a ZIP or RAR file and send it to mastering@meliodikarecords.com using WeTransfer or a similar service you prefer. When sending files, contact us using the email above or the contact form below, introducing yourself and typing the service you want to hire in the subject.

OPTIONALLY: You can also add a
REFERENCE track to let us better understand your tastes and what you’re looking for...

How to pay?

Once we check all the files, we’ll send you a link for the payment on your mail. 

We need your name, address and ID number (ID Card, VAT, passport, etc...). Payment must be made in advance.


When your tune is ready, we’ll send you the link to the MIXDOWN in WAV 24bit|44.1kHz and the MASTER in WAV 16 bit|44.1kHz.

• Delivery time is around 3-6 working days from the moment we receive the payment •

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