About us

About us

Meliodika is a brand new studio and electronic music label founded in Rome by DJ, Producer and Sound Designer|Engineer Sæb. Everything moved from Sæb’s passion for electronic music and vinyls. A travel that started from Sicily and moved till Rome, keeping to evolve. With a no-stop background on audio post-production, passing through music for motion picture, italian pop music and electronic music, in 2020 Sæb decided to start his travel as label manager, trying to bring all the underground music he loves under one name: MELIODIKA. 
Label’s releases bring the name of Artists like Maigual, who have reached thousands of streams on Spotify, Apple Music and all the digital platforms w/ their album "Don Quixote", featuring the remix of  "Sí " by the popular spanish artist Salfumán, and Lorenzo Oppo, who reached  the first positions on the Beatport Top100 Techno Release more than one time w/ his "Apollo XI" and "Bubble Percussion" EPs.

We have worked on the masters of EPs and Albums, released on several labels like Mood Funk Records, Claw Records, First Planet, Smilax and more...

Our studio consist of professional audio gears and audio system in a controlled room, acoustically treated w/ absorbing acoustic panels and Helmoltz resonators, studying reflections and RT60 Decays, in order to obtain the best listening spot. 

Welcome to Meliodika, we keep growing and you are part of this growth!

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